3-Ply Fluid-Resistant Surgical Face Masks

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Creating quality products for the health and safety of every Filipino

What Is VShield + Pro?

A mask made by Filipinos for Filipinos. 100% Cebuano made, it is composed of three layers of specialized materials that offer a high level of filtration efficacy. This makes it a 3-ply surgical face mask that truly provides the protection Filipinos need to survive and thrive in the New Normal.

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VShield + Pro’s multi-layered structure consists of:

  • OUTER LAYER: A non-woven, water-resistant layer that protects your nose and mouth from harmful liquid droplets.
  • MIDDLE LAYER: This is the most important layer in the mask, as it ensures the 95% filtration efficiency of the mask. This is what makes our masks truly high-quality.
  • INNER LAYER: Made of non-woven fabric that absorbs moisture.

VShield + Pro also has a trifolded shape with a close nose melt clip that make for a snug, comfortable fit. When worn properly, it can provide frontliners and everyday citizens with a 95% filtration efficiency, making it a product that truly reduces the risk of harmful diseases like COVID-19.

A Product for Every Filipino

  • UV-Sanitized
  • Manufactured in packs of 10 and 50 pieces
  • Cebuano-made

It is truly a product that shields our everyday warriors with the best PROtection.

Giving Back to the Community

VShield + Pro is a product manufactured by Paramount Protection Enterprises, Inc. (PPE, Inc.). The project is spearheaded by RDC-Economic Development Council Chairman Virgilio “Nonoy” Espeleta, Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Felix Taguiam, and Cowrie Group General Manager Kenneth Kokseng as a way of giving back to the community in the COVID-19 crisis.

VShield + Pro is the first among many other products that will be distributed for the building of a more self-reliant Cebu and Visayas. What is currently a response to the COVID-19 pandemic is a stepping stone to a community of Filipinos who can find reliable source of high-quality products.

What Does VShield + Pro Mean?

  • V stands for Virus, which is what the mask can SHIELD Filipinos from.
  • Pro is our desired market segment (professionals), who prefer quality than price.
  • Pro can also mean Protection, which is what this product aims to make available for everyone in the country.

Bank on Trust and Quality

We believe that true value should be in quality.

Most traders sell anything, but few knew their source. After all, we would not want to supply our countrymen with products that cannot give them the protection they need, waste effort and hard-earned money, or put their lives at risk.

We do not want to compete with price. Instead, we aim to work with institutions and individuals who value reliability, quality, and local products.

We are looking to expand our distributor and retailer network within the Visayas. Love for one’s own community and high regard for quality can be the keys to a more self-sufficient, progressive country. Would you like to be a part of that?

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